Tips for Traveling by Train

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passenger train

Traveling in train is an overwhelming task and thus before you step on it for a long journey it is significant to be knowledgeable and prepared.  If you are veteran of long distance travel trains then you would already know bunch of tips (may be more than mentioned here) but if you are not a frequent traveller and want to epitomize this concept of slow travel (not actually slow but slower than airlines) then here are some tips for your quick perusal!

  1. Keep your snack bucket ready: the last thing you want on your trip is to be hungry. Not all trains but few of them provide snacks on the journey as part of overall package. Hence, it is necessary that you pack some snacks for the journey. You might not find edible and good quality food on trains and if you do then that might be expensive. So keep your stick of healthy snacks.
  2. Unplug yourself: Rarely do we get time to relax while watching the landscape roll by. Hence most of the trains have started offering wireless network but you should keep your laptop off. Train journeys are best to read a good book and catch up on some journal. You should embrace and benefit most out of this concept of slow travel. Watching movies and TV series is something which is too common!
  3. Carry power bank: Yes we talked about unplugging bit you need to have battery in your phone in case you want to connect to someone after you board off. Hence. Make sure whenever you are travelling you have your power bank along. You might need if it is a long journey. And also you have to be prepared for delays when you are travelling by train!
  4. Get your bags checked: Just like in airlines, it is better to get your bags checked if you are travelling for long distance. Although there is ample space in the overhead cabinets in case you want to keep it along but if you want to wander to the dining car, vestibules or bar cars then you can’t keep on carrying your valuables along!
  5. Keep some wet wipes and toilet rolls: You would definitely want to take a shower as soon as you will end this long journey. But to have a quick and refreshing boost it is better to carry wet wipes. This way you will not feel suffocated due to canned train air. All the trains would have toilet papers mostly but all start to run a little low on them by the time ride is almost concluding. So it is better to stay prepared always!
  6. Keep a blanket or sweatshirt: Even if you are not traveling to a colder place, it is better to keep a hoodie or a small blanket for night. The air conditioning of the train is something on which you can’t really rely and thus it is better to cover yourself rather than falling sick. Preparing for frigid nights even if you are traveling in dead summer is what you should plan while traveling.