Home Projects While You’re Away

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Does this sound familiar? You return home from traveling to find your home in a mess from the commotion of preparing for your trip? For most travelers, the days leading up to a vacation are filled with preparing for the trip as opposed to caring for their home and this all builds up upon your return home.

You can avoid this. Before you leave for vacation, we recommend hiring a cleaning service to come to your home while you’re away. And while you’re at it, why not schedule a few more home projects while you’re away too.

#1. Maid Service

Like we mentioned above, you should hire a maid service to come to your home during your vacation. The maid service can clear out the clutter from your pre-vacation commotion and even deep clean bathrooms and your kitchen so you return to a sparkling home after your vacation.

Go one step further and schedule professional carpet cleaning during your vacation too. You can leave the key to your home with a neighbor or hidden on your property and notify the service on how to retrieve it and enter your home. This way you don’t have to be inconvenienced during the appointment, the carpet will be clean and dry while you are off on an adventure somewhere exotic. Services like Amazing Care Chem-Dry are happy to accommodate these requests.

#2. Remodeling

If you are planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel in the near future, why not schedule it during a vacation or while you are away? Homeowners that have lived through a kitchen remodel will tell you that it is an extremely invasive project. Your plumbing is turned off and sometimes your electricity too. The living conditions during a home remodel are subpar at best.

If you can schedule a remodel and be away having fun at the same time, you are winning big time!

#3. Fumigation

Infestations in your home need professional attention. You may want to schedule an impromptu vacation the same time your home is in need of fumigation for vermin of any sort. You don’t want to subject your family or yourself to the toxins and chemicals required to fumigate a home. You won’t have to if you plan a fun, family vacation during the same time.

The same is true if your home has mold in it. Mold removal and remediation is extremely dangerous and your family should not be home during the process. This would be another good time for a last-minute vacation to a theme park or maybe a relative that lives in a different state.

#4. Flooring Installation

Does your home need new carpet or tile or hardwood floor? If so, consider scheduling the installation during your next vacation. You can’t use any room in your home where a new floor is being installed so why not schedule the installation when you won’t need to use your home at all!

#5. Painting

We recommend hiring an interior painter for major painting project. There are fumes associated with painting in your home. You could avoid the fumes and the hassle of someone painting your home if you schedule interior painting sometime you are out of town for work or personal reasons.

Just because you aren’t cleaning your home or repairing it during your vacation doesn’t mean someone else can’t be!